27/5/18 Atlas Coffeehouse, Artbox part 2

Sunday 27 May

I met Andrea for the first time this year!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Also our first time dining at Atlas Coffeehouse.

I got Atlas Superbowl. There was quinoa, corn, chicken, brinjal, shimeiji mushroom, sundried tomatoes, the crispy green seaweed-like or kale thing.

My coffee hehe i think they are known for their coffee so i wanted to try it out. Was good!

Andrea’s chicken stew, looked and tasted rly yummy.

Andrea’s iced coffee. Even she didn’t take photo of her own food HAHAHAHA. Spend so much might as well document the food lah!


I spent $24.10? To be exact LOL

Afterwards I dragged Andrea to Artbox ‘cos she never visited before and i reckoned this would be her first and last time anyway hahaahah. We got bored rly quickly though, but i bought a nice tote bag for $10! πŸ˜€

Daniel came afterwards and feasted and walked around somemore before leaving.

Some ebi burger thingy

Okinawa milk tea


We also took some really nice photos!! πŸ˜€ Prolly one of the perks of coming in the day rather than at night.

Andrea left for a choir concert while Daniel and i headed back to his house to pick up his book-in stuffs. Went to my house for dinner and Alistair was there! πŸ˜€ But rly thank you Daniel for having dinner with my fam although you had to Toa payoh -> Jurong -> Pasir ris.

Also thanks Andrea for spending time with me today!!!! Thanks for being such a constant in my life, and someone whom i don’t meet frequently yet text non-stop since 2013 :’)

And also thanks for the birthday gift!!!!! I rly like it ‘cos just nice i was wanting to get a lip pencil/crayon sort of thingy. I will use it very often! πŸ˜€


26/5/18 Artbox part 1

Saturday 26 May
Long-winded post ahead but i hope it is not too boring haha!

Had lunch with Daniel at JEM, Pastamania! $5 per pasta ‘cos we paid via grabpay :’) I got seafood aglio!

Shopped a bit at TEMT, then Daniel had to go. He booked out in the morning so he travelled Pasir Ris -> Toa Payoh (Home) -> JEM to find me -> Cityhallto find his dad. Sigh pie i feel bad but at least we got to eat lunch together. Thank youuuuuu

I went Jcube to disturb my mum and also bought some stuffs from Daiso, before Ling came to pick me and we went Taman jurong to pick Weiliang from church. I followed my sis for fun ‘cos i just wanted to take the car HAHAHHA.

Anyway it gave me a chance to drive quite a bit!!!!!!! Like after Taman jurong i drove to pick my mum at Jcube, before driving home. Nua-ed at home, then i drove again to drop Weiliang at Bukit batok and myself at Bukit panjang πŸ˜€

Ate at TANUKI RAW with Kaixin and Wenyi, I got Salmon kaisen πŸ˜€

Playing with food lol his masterpiece

Headed to Artbox afterwards ‘cos Kaixin wanted to…. My first time too! πŸ˜€ We didn’t stay very long though ‘cos Wenyi couldn’t stay too late.

We got thai milktea and truffle fries.

We then took a bus home together since all of us live so near one another, primary school friends perks… (although i had to change bus la but that’s not the point) Kaixin waited with me for my bus before he walked home. Was rly nice catching up with you guys πŸ˜€ See yall soon!!!!!!!!!

19/5/18 Sundown 10km

I always don’t know how to call these events. Runs? Races? Not marathon cos i learnt that it means 42.195km so i cannot bring myself to say such a thing cos i can never complete one HAHAHA. Anyway, Daniel kinda dragged me along for Sundown, the 10km category thankfully not too insurmountable.

Anyway my day started with scrambled eggs made by Daniel!! Before band from 10am-1.30pm.

Bought home makisan for lunch for three of us sisters. Can’t not love makisan.

Headed to daniel’s house! Had a lot of dinner sia wtf 2-3 hours before the run, but there were a lot of good food. I ate porridge, some emian, homemade fishcakes, and chiLLI CRAB!!!!!!! The star of the show. Need to learn not to eat so much though, esp before a run!!!!

Also a birthday cake for Daniel and his sister heheh chocolate cake!! Was very nice! Though I should’ve taken the whole cake instead of just my own slice haahah

We then headed to F1 Pit building cos that was where we needed to assemble. Deposited our belongings and went to wait for flag-off.

The run was fun i guess hehe cos i ran super slow la but at leastttttt i didn’t stop and the most important thing is to enjoy ok not run until i need ambulance – choy but true story! Timing was embarrassing but here isit: 1h30mins haahaha, happy can already lah.

Ling and Weiliang were going for the full marathon siao! Mine already felt so long, can’t imagine running 4X the distance lolol.

After the run my eyes became itchy i thought it was dirty so i washed my face with mineral water and my hands – which were dirty i think??? So my eyes became worse and swollen LMAO faster took out my contacts and just let it be. Got some anti-histamines and it didn’t subside much. Only fully subsided after one full day.

Some photos:


My eyes so jia lat hahaha

And a quite boring video LOL:

Productive and eventful day i guess :DDDD Created a new category which idk why i didn’t have previously – I Actually Exercised.

14/5/18 Mother’s Day dinner (Yan Palace, Bingsu)

The momma’s day dinner i mentioned in the JB day trip post!

Mon 14 May

Just another lunch during a work day. Prawn meeeeeeee! Famous and it’s rly nice. Tastes unique and it’s cheap, $4 with pork ribs! From Golden mile hawker centre.

Sister picked me up and we went to Warren country club πŸ™‚ I think. At chua chu kang. We ate at this chinese restaurant called Yan palace which is known for their cantonese dishes if i’m not wrong. It was kinda empty at that time and rly quiet hahah.

Some chicken stew dish

I don’t even know what are these vegs hahaha kailan?? or whatever lah!

Salted egg prawns!!!! Huge prawns i lav it this was nice

Yam ring with rojak and also siewmais at the side

Food is all paid for by us three sisters :”””’) But it’s ok la $240 in total for 7 of us – pretty good right!

7 people cos +Weiliang and +Alistair

Walked past this swimming pool on our way back to the car. Mum exclaimed excitedly, “Take a photo leh!!!!! Swimming pool very nice”

Next stop for dessert: Korean dessert cafe @ bukit timah.

Mum exclaimed again cos the place very pretty hahaha

Oreo bingsuuuuuuu!

Happy mothers’ day myyyy beloved-although-sometimes-annoying-but-still-forever-cute mom.

13/5/18 JB!! (Bak kut teh, did nails, thai massage, budae jjigae)

Sunday 13 May

Although it was mother’s day, I followed my sisters, Wei liang and Alistair to JB hahaha poor mother! But at least she knocked off quite late 4pm then had solo dinner before going home πŸ˜† We were going to have mothers day dinner on the next day also lah πŸ™‚

We left house around 10am? And travelled towards Kranji MRT, meeting Weiliang on the way. Alistair forgot his passport after travelling for like 40 mins HAHAHA so he had to make a detour, poor thing! He took a grabhitch to kranji in the end.

Went to JB via sbs bus! Then took a grab from City square to KSL, where Wei liang collected his contacts from. Had Soon Soon Heng bak kut teh for lunch, which was situated opposite KSL and it seemed pretty famous! We bought a big claypot of soup and also sesame chicken – costed us about RM100, $6-7 per person?? 😍

Walked to Holiday Plaza where three of us girls did our nails… hehe although sometimes i find it a waste of money, but it’s honestly really nice to have them clean your nails, cut your cuticles, file your nails, make them look nicer – feels like a mess that’s part of you is being tidied up…. sounds drama but something like that la. It’s a luxury haha so I think it’s okay pampering yourself once in a while just not too frequently? πŸ™‚ I choose white, gel nails. I love manicures/pedicures!!!

Had Thai massage afterwards and oMG it was my first time. Really interesting experience albeit an intense one LOL never had so many of my joints cracked before. True Thai massage πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ The masseuse was so strong and luckily I think I’m also relatively strong to withstand the force ahaha.

Headed back to City square and we ate at Chicken, some Korean place. We had budae jjigae, seafood pancake, roasted chicken! Quite a satisfying meal πŸ™‚

Not many pictures because the day is summarised in the video below πŸ™‚ I was religiously taking videos act yi ge youtuber hahhaa so i could compile them and rmb this day.

I felt it was a very eventful trip cos we did quite a bit of things, although all indoor activities HAHAH. Also, spending in msia feels nice because everything is comparatively cheaper than in singapore. So it’s like stretching your dollar and feels so worth it!!!

I bought mascara, gum, belt, eclipse mints… ok lah didn’t buy much cos i didn’t need much.

One more first-time: We walked from Malaysia customs to woodlands customs LOL cos the bus queues were crazy and the roads were also jammed. We weren’t the only ones la fortunately so we just walked lor about 1.5km?

Reached home at 11pm+ heehee.

21/4/18 My 20th celebration

Saturday 21 April

Didn’t do much in the day, was just drawing a birthday card for my eldest sis (which i redrew the next day lol). Oh i also had driving at 7am, after which i went to look for my mum and she treated me bfast hehehe.

Cheesy french toast πŸ˜€ With soft boiled eggs and kopi.

Anyway the end product:

I tried my best alr la hor ahahhaaha Daniel then came over around 4pm? Then i bathed and prepared. We took a one hour bus ride to Orchard cos i was lazy to take mrt hahahahha and we were just roaming around since we had time before our 7.15pm dinner at Saveur which Daniel booked.

When we were reaching Saveur, Daniel was like, “Oh look someone is celebrating their 80th birthday”.

I took a look at the balloons and went “Where got 80, is 20 la!”.

As i walked nearer i saw van’s face and was thinking “omg van is here! so coincidental” but i saw Ping and Nicole and realised my crescent frans were all there LMAO. When we entered i also saw Ling, Weiliang and Alistair?!?! I was so shocked and hot in the face hehehhehe. Since Van asked me out on Sunday (the next day), i thought maybe something would happen on Sunday instead and not saturday, and definitely not with my fam around. We ate and talked and i opened the gifts :’)

Daniel got me a leather bag which i wanted which was thankfully not too expensive and not rly branded. I think the quality is guddd though!

I also got a KINDLE from my crescent frans and probably Daniel too, which i love love love cos i don’t have to carry around bulky storybooks to read on the mrt anymore :””) I’ve already started using it. Ling bought cake for Ting and I – A very pretty earl grey lavender cake if i’m not wrong. Daniel also treated me dinner.

The one who planned it all, thank you 😊

倧姐 whose birthday is 2 days before mine πŸ™‚

Dearest sisters

Crescent frans

And with a daniel

And my fam or extended fam!! HAHAHAHA my mum didn’t come but it’s okay After that, Huixin Celine and Joey left while the rest of us went Kallang for bowling :’) It was rly fun ahahha i was PRobaBLY being obnoxiously loud but thanks guys i had fun and i hope everyone enjoyed themselves πŸ˜€

Thanks for celebrating my 20th and for taking the time to trick and surprise me!! A lot of planning must have gone into this since i am usually not so gullible so :”’)

15/4/18 Daniel’s treat (Asia grand)

Sunday 15 April

Daniel treated his fam and me πŸ™‚ Thank u for the generosity, glad to see you treating your fam well!

Peking duck!!

Spinach with garlic

Pig trotters with black pepper

More veg bc the spinach was kinda weird so they fried a new plate for us hahah

Ee mian with the duck meat from just now!

Beancurd with seafood πŸ˜€

There was also some stuffed wintermelon with scallop which i forgot to take a picture of but was pretty nice too! The meal costed like $230+ which was prettttyyyyy okay since it’s quite an atas restaurant and there were six of us. I was really reallyyyy full and we even had to dabao some food.